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Footgolf at Mohawk Park
FootGolf is a hybrid sport combining Golf and Soccer. Players play on a shortened course following closely the rules of Golf. From a designated tee, each player kicks a #5 regulation soccer ball to a 21-inch diameter hole or cup, with the goal of making the ball into the cup in the determined par score or better. 

Check out these links to find out more about the sport, and check back for updates on the impending opening!
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Footgolf Rates
Green Fees
$5 for 9-holes
$10 for 18-holes

Cart Fee
$7 cart fee (9 or 18 holes)

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These rules are a revised version of the first FootGolf World Cup Rules played in Budapest, Hungary in June 2012. All of the FIFG Member countries in November 2013 were invited to provide their opinion on the rules of play and a list of alternative options. The FIFG discussed each of these alternatives individually, reviewed and considered all the options and, in the cases where the majority agreed, changed the rules to suit. In the cases where the alternative options were tied, the board discussed and made the final decision. London, UK. Feb 2014. The American FootGolf League participated and collaborated in the creation of the international rules of FootGolf.

Footgolf Rules Image
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