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Golf is in the air!

Well it seems like such a long time ago since the grass has started to turn green this early in the year.  While the past two winters weren’t particularly harsh, they just seemed to never end.  Every day was the same – cloudy and cool.  Old Man Winter brakes hard after the first week of March, and we have had some pretty favorable golf weather ever since.  With the Masters upon us, we normally expect the crew at Augusta National to have the rest of us “green” with envy.  But both Mohawk Park and Page Belcher are experiencing an early season surge, and Adam and Graham, our Superintendents, have the courses in fantastic condition.  They were busy in the off season with tree trimming and stump grinding, and most important MOWING THE NATIVE AREAS that we’ve all come to know and hate.  I know I lost my fair share of balls, and that just wasn’t fun.  I sincerely apologize if you fell victim to some of our native areas – I didn’t care for them either, and I assure you that your next round will be much more satisfying. Please see the updated images below.

I also spent the off season thinking of ways to make your golf experience more enjoyable.  And while I can’t go so far as to hit your shots for you (not that you’d want me to), I can give you more value for your golfing dollar.  I know I enjoy values as much as the next person.  This isn’t to say that something has to be inexpensive to be a value.  For me a value is something that I think is worth as much or more than what I paid for it.  I remember when I got into a heated discussion with a Customer Service Rep for a local cable company about their services and how they were no longer a value to me.  He wanted to reduce the number of my channels in order to save me money.  I finally had to say, “Hey look, I can AFFORD your monthly bill, I just don’t think it is worth spending my money on it.  And it’s worth even less when you cut your services to ‘save me money’”.  So to bring you a little more value, I’ve tweaked our Advantage Card program to include weekly specials for Advantage Card holders and ramped up our Rewards program to more fully express our gratitude for your loyalty.  There are some other things in the works that I’ll announce in the coming weeks, but for now, enjoy the beautiful spring weather that we’re having, and I hope to see you soon at Page Belcher or Mohawk Park.

Updated Native Areas and Current Course Conditions as of 4.10.2015

Native Area Improvements
Tulsa Golf - Current Conditions